If you like to use 3rd party msstyle themes and use un-signed custom visual styles or want to check them out and add them to your Windows computer then check out UXTheme MultiPatcher. This patch changes your uxtheme.dll and allows for the use of any 3rd party msstyle theme on Windows Xp/SP1/Sp2 or Windows Server 2003. To patch the UXTheme file all you have to do is run the program and it will determine the operating system, then patch the right file and reboot the PC. If you want to un-patch the UXTheme then just run the program again and it will un-patch the .dll file that was changed and reboot the PC again. It is a really simple program to use and is great for the people that want to change the look of there computer.

Visit Softpedia's website to find more information and download the application
UXTheme Multi-patcher 6.0

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