Do you ever get a phone call from someone you don't know. Well there is a great new service website called Sullr. This free service can take a phone number, find it on the web and show you all the information it can on it such as business/person who owns the number, location, and more. Sullr is still in beta and is being updated everyday to be able to find more and more information. It can mainly track landlines but is being expanded into cell phone listings. All the user needs is the phone number that they want to track and type it into the search box on the website. Sullr checks to see if the number is listed in any database that it can and displays the results with a location and map if found. Sullr has a WAP page that can be viewed on almost any mobile platform so it's not just limited to a desktop/laptop computer. This free services works in five courntries for now including the United States, Germany, Italy, Argentina, and France. Im sure the there will be more countries added to the listings soon. Visit to find out more info on the free phone number look up service.

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