Microsoft is getting in the blogging game now. Monday Microsoft launched their new open-source blogging platform called Oxite. With the product aimed at specifically at developers it is not intended to compete with other blogging software such as WordPress or Movable Type. The code for Oxite has been posted on its CodePlex website on Friday and announced its release on Monday. Oxite is a standards-complaint, extensible content-management system designed for blogs and larger websites and includes such features as pingbacks, trackbacks, anonymous commenting, gravatars, and RSS feeds for any page level. Oxite can integrate with Microsoft developer software such as ASP.NET MVC, Visual Studio Team Suite, and Background Services Architecture. If you want to see a site that was made with Oxite go the the Mix Online site for Microsoft's Mix Web developer conference.
Oxite WebSite: Oxite
Download: Oxite

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