I just thought I’d let all of the readers at Daily Free Software know that there is a Facebook virus going around and you should watch out for it. It is sent through Facebook or MySpace in a message. It tells users to click a video. The message’s subject will read as follows:
“Hey, I have this hilarious video of you dancing. Your face is so red. You should check it out.”
“Look you were filmed all naked!”
If you have seen one of these messages in your Facebook or MySpace and opened it you have probably been infected by the “Koobface” virus. It comes through a message sent by someone that you think is your friend or your friend has it and it has sent one to you. Once you open it up and click on the URL, you are redirected to a site that looks like YouTube and “Koobface” tells you to update your Flash player so it can display the video but the virus is in the so-called update “flash_player.exe”. Please watch out for this virus, your computer can be turned into a computer zombie and used for even worse stuff without your consent or knowledge that its even doing anything. Facebook has put up instruction telling you how to remove the “Koobface” virus and telling you to change your password. So make sure you keep your Facebook looked down and keep a watch out for some fishy stuff happening. Facebook is diligently working to fix this problem and end the spread of this virus.

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