Over the next few post I am going to show you some websites that offer free online picture editing and photo manipulation tools. If we don't cover one that you like or have heard of please leave me a comment and I will be sure to read up on it and cover it in a later post plus I will give you credit in the article and list your website for a free in-post link.

For the first free online picture editor I am going to tell you about Picresize.com. There are two versions to this website. The first is Picresize 2.0 and it is the basic of the two versions. Probably because the other version is newer. Picresize 2.0 has alot of features that any picture editor needs such as resize, rotate, sharpen, equalize, and flip plus a few more advanced effects like gaussian blur, grayscale, oil paint, raise, and raised frame. After you upload a picture, choose a new size, and pick which special effects you want to add you have to option to save it in three different formats(JPG, GIF, or PNG).

The second version of this free picture editor is Picresize 3.0 which has all of the same features as version 2.0 but with some more effects. So if you want more control over your photos then I would suggest you go with version 3.0. Some of the new effects with this version is contrast, brighness, text, and polaroid. It still only lets you save the finished picture in the same three formats but it lets you choose the quality of the picture. Three more tools is the Fetch, API - Web Services, and the Batch Resize options that are at the bottom of the page. Overall I would use the Picresize 3.0 becaue it has more effects, gives the user more control over the photo, and it has a newer look that is alot easier to navigate. So good luck with your free online picture editing and show me some of your results and give me some feedback. Thanks

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