Do you need to completely remove sensitive data or files from your hard drive? Eraser is a free security tool that removes data from a hard drive by overwriting it several times with selected patterns. Data like passwords, personal information, classified documents, and financial records are some of the stuff that someone might want deleted but with the normal Windows Vista or Windows XP the data isn't totally erased. So before the file is overwritten it can be easily retrieved with retrieval software. This is where Eraser comes in. Here is a list of features that Eraser has.

-Erases Files/Folders that were only previously 'deleted'.
-Erases all hard drives using 'Darik's Boot and Nuke' method.
-Erases Index.dat on Reboot
-Erases Encrypted Files and Drives.
-Erases FreeSpace on 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and DOS.
-Erases contents of the Recycle Bin.
-Erases Compressed Files and Drives.
-Erases Network Files, Floppy Disks, CD-RW, DVD-RAM, DVD-RW.
-Erases Windows Temporary Files.
-Erases Internet Cookies.
-Erases Paging (swap) file.
-Erases Internet Cache.
-Appears as an 'Erase' option on the Context Menu of Windows Explorer and Recycle Bin.
-Comes with an Eraser Scheduler that allows you to create user-defined tasks.
-Defeats File Recovery software applications Hardware tools.
-Supports FAT32 and NTFS Files Systems.
-Eraser is easy to use and comes with a dedicated support network.

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