ThinkFree Office is a free office suite that is very familiar to the Microsoft Office suite which gives a new user the ability to catch on quickly. ThinkFree can open document formats like .ppt, .doc, and .xls that have been saved for Microsoft Office. ThinkFree has 3 programs: a work processor, a spreadsheet application, and a powerpoint application. ThinkFree Write is a powerful word processing program to create word documents. ThinkFree Calc is an easy-to-use spreadsheet program that has over 40 charts and 300 function capabilities. ThinkFree Show lets you make great looking presentations that can include drawings, clipart, images, and other graphics. All 3 of these programs that come with the ThinkFree Office suite are compatible with Microsoft Office files. It is able to run under Windows, Mac, Linux and other environments that support java. You can learn more about ThinkFree Office Suite and you can Download it from this link.

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